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Do you ever wonder why you feel so overwhelmed and confused by the divorce process?

Well, there’s a good reason why…

Divorce is a very complex process marked by an intense emotional upheaval and reckoning!

It’s not only the behemoth that is the legal aspect of divorce you have to reckon with, but also “emotional and personal divorce”.

Your life as you know it, comes up to be requalified, renegotiated, reordered and reimagined.

And for most of us, as the gravity of it all becomes unfathomable or too much to bear, we find ourselves at wit’s end, struggling to
find our way. We lose ourselves in the process.

Thank goodness there is help!

So how can the Divorce Coach help?

As your divorce coach, my number 1 priority is to help you get out of overwhelm and confusion and back into the driver’s seat
so you can regain control and be able to direct the way forward with ease, clarity and resolve.

I accomplish this by taking you through my signature 7 Step Coaching System that addresses both the inward and outward journey
of divorce in a holistic manner. It also allows us to partner in a thought-provoking and empowering way, guiding you to access your
inner and outward resources … maximizing your capacity for ingenuity, as we explore your most viable options.

Designing the way Forward

This is an opportunity to get to know more about you and your situation. Specifically where you are in the
journey, your most burning concerns, challenges, desires, needs and the outcome(s) you desire. This will
serve as your coaching blueprint and also allows for the coaching process to be customized to better meet
your needs.

Breeding Confidence through Clarity

This is about helping you understand the complex and vast divorce landscape, assess your preparedness,
identify what’s missing and where to find it, and also identify ways to navigate the landscape effectively. This
helps you get organized and be prepared for the business of divorce, saving you time, headache and
consequently money.

Uncovering the Hidden Obstacles

This is to help you go in with eyes wide open. Here we dig deep to uncover the obstacles and ways of thinking,
that may be in the way of you getting what you want and then give you tools to begin to blast through them.

Building Resiliency

We give you tools and strategies to help manage the emotional whirlwind and mental angst. Then together help you
build the capacity to handle “curveballs ” life throws your way. This sets the foundation for mastering emotional self
regulation which in turn helps you regain control, find ease and grace, think clearly and ultimately make better decisions.

Resolving the Custody battle

Perhaps one of the biggest cost of divorce, is the impact on the children. There are recent studies that show that
children are not necessarily harmed by the divorce itself, but rather are harmed by the way their parents dealt with
each other during the process. So the more contentious and hostile the divorce, the greater the negative impact on
the children.

So here we dig even deeper, so that we can understand what’s at the heart of your custody battle, what’s fueling
it, so that way we can go ahead and unravel it. Then design a co-parenting framework that safeguards the welfare
and the needs of your children.

Mediating Assets of the Heart

Here we are able to get you to a place where you can forgive and let go, and make peace with all of it…most
importantly make peace with yourself. This sets the foundation for a peaceful resolution and moving on, as you
are finally able to make sense of it all.

Redesigning your Life anew

Here is about charting the next chapter of your life where you get to envision how you would want your life to be post divorce.
Envisioning is but one part of this equation, you also get to activate and embody that vision and then design a plan to actualize it.