Private Coaching

The goal is to make the coaching process as easy and accessible as possible regardless of what stage of the divorce you may be in or where in the world you may be.

One-on-One Coaching

This is the main way that I coach. It provides direct support and accountability on a regular basis. We laser focus on you, where I hold you by the hand addressing your whirlwind of concerns and providing clarity, and then helping you work out realistic options leading to positive solutions.

We will work together to ensure you have all the appropriate tools, skills and strategies necessary for achieving the outcome that is best for you (and the kids).

You have a choice between two packages of 2 or 3, one hour sessions per month plus brief laser targeted lifeline calls in between the sessions if needed.

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Group Coaching

This is a 9 month online coaching program designed to be an intimate, intentioned and sacred circle where you not only get support and accountability from me, but also from the fellow members in the circle. We leverage the power of “group magic” to hold your desires in a space of love and creative possibility as you build your capacity to fully actualize your envisioned outcome.

It is a hybrid approach that incorporates life transforming teachings and experiences (plus laser coaching) that will empower you to free yourself from unnecessary pain and suffering…by learning to let go and transform that which no longer serve your highest good.

That way you can fully embrace, open up and express more of You… your gifts, talents and genius. In other words, live the life of your design and choosing.

And of course, you get your chance on the “loveseat” for laser coaching to help troubleshoot areas where you may be feeling stuck or experiencing challenges.

So, if you’re the kind of person who thrives in a cooperative and supportive environment and are fully committed to your own growth and evolution, contact us to find out more


These are designed to be highly experiential and interactive, offering a 10k ft view of the divorce conundrum to help bring about clarity and consequently, begin to explore a pathway to resolution that preserves the dignity of all parties involved…a Battle-free Divorce approach.

Trainings are tailored to meet the needs of the audience and address areas impacted in each of the 3 main stages of divorce: the initial contemplating stage, in the thick of it stage and the rebuilding stage.

Sample topics include:

Emotional hijacking and the divorce drama
Should I or should I not go ahead with the divorce
Divorce 101- getting prepared and organized for the business of divorce
The recipe for a collaborative divorce
Building resiliency
Letting go and moving on
Finding sanity in the midst of uncertainty
Understanding co-parenting dynamics

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How We Connect

Face to face meeting are usually ideal especially during the “getting-to know you” stage. Whenever possible, I do offer face to face session at my location in Port Chester, NY

However I do understand that face to face meeting are not always ideal especially if we are in different geographic locations or short on time. Thanks to the power of technology, problem handled. We have options between skype or zoom and even the good ol telephone.