we all have within ourselves, a great potential and capacity for greatness, brilliance and magnificence,
which is temporarily being shielded by the suffering born from our inability to recognize the gift all our life
experiences are to us.

I also believe that  our mission (should we accept) is to therefore return back to this  potentiality, so that we
can know it again, embrace it, cultivate it and then express it.

It has become my desire and mission to empower and inspire others (and myself) to uncover this potentiality
through removing that which gets in the way of us fully knowing and expressing  our True nature… our Brilliance.

Therefore, my coaching, teaching  and speaking platform are designed to  serve as a catalyst for this endeavor.

If this sounds intriguing to you and would like to experience first hand what’s like to let go of obstacles that may be
getting in the way of your dreams and vision, so you can begin to realize your next level of self expression that will
bring you more  joy and fulfillment; Please do reach out to have Kiri Maponya present at your next workshop or event!

We made the process very easy. Here’s how to get started,

Kiri’s speaking topics:

For your convenience I speak on 3 different topics, which can also be
customized to fit your audience.
Just let us know which one of the 3 sounds fitting to your group or audience.

i) Overwhelm… there is a way out

ii) Let it go… the Secret to getting Unstuck & Thriving

iii) Finding Sanity in the midst of Uncertainty

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